Love Where You Live: Downtown Augusta (Part 2)

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A week or so before Halloween… you’ll usually see me rummaging through Vintage Ooollee’s.


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I’m a guy. As a general rule, I’d rather be beat with a rubber hose than go shopping. Art on Broad is probably my favorite specialty store, though. The owner is a good friend of ours and it’s always fun to stop in and see what’s new and unusual. It’s a great place to get Happy buttons, too. I like the Book Tavern, too, as well as the record store Psychotronic.

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Love Where You Live: Downtown Augusta (Part 1)

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After growing up in Augusta, I spent five years in Athens and ten years in Atlanta and swore I would never come back. I have been over thirty years now and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I own a small, independent insurance agency on Broad Street and live on the third floor over our office.

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Have you considered renting your home instead of selling? We would love to help you make that decision. At Rex we do not just sell homes, we also manage rental properties for dozens of landlords, offering different service levels depending on your needs.

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Reasons to Rent Out Your Home

  • Extra income
  • Security if moving back into the area
  • Diversity in economic portfolio
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Our Services

A La Carte Services

If you want to be more hands on with your property we can assist in a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Property evaluation to determine appropriate rental rates
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  • Rent collection
  • Legal support
  • Inspections
  • Financial accounting and Reporting
  • Maintenance, repairs and Remodles
  • Tenant move out and turnover

Full Service Property Management

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