Should you rent or buy?


What will you choose?

Choosing between buying and renting is always difficult. Below is some information that should be considered as you make your housing decisions.  Rex has the best leasing and real estate agents in Augusta, ready to help you no matter what you choose!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting and Buying:


Advantages of Renting:
  • Flexibility
  • Exposures to new areas
  • Moving is easier
  • No home maintenance
  • No yard maintenance
  • Some places come furnished
  • Utilities may be included
Disadvantages of Renting:
  • Lease agreement rules
  • No major changes can be made to the home without permission
  • No equity accumulated
  • No control on lease renewal or rent prices


Advantages of Buying:
  • Long-term equity accumulated
  • Home appreciation
  • Freedom to make improvements
  • May improve your credit profile
Disadvantages of Buying:
  • More financial responsibility
  • Property taxes
  • Increased insurance payments
  • Must do your own home maintenance
  • Money may be lost in resale
  • Less mobility
  • Must be furnished


Are you ready to own a home? 

Adelle Dennis is one of our great agents. Contact her today for information on Augusta’s Downtown homes and condominiums.
Office: 706.723.9572
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Are you looking for a rental property? 

Mark Sims is one of Rex’s property managers. He can help you find the home that best fits you. Contact him today for information on Augusta’s rental property.

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