Save Money With Maintenance “Best Practices”

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The Rex maintenance crew is top of the line!

At Rex we take the maintenance best practices seriously. We provide:

  • Full-time, trained maintenance staff
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance coverage
  • Periodic inspections
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance


Rex uses several systems to ensure the timely and cost effective maintenance of our managed properties including:


On-line Maintenance Management

Our on-line management system gives us, and residents, the ability to create maintenance requests at any time, from any place. We are able to monitor the status of the request until it’s resolved and follow up with residents to ensure that all items are completed satisfactorily. Happy residents means less turnover and more savings for the owner.


Quarterly Inspections

As part of our preventative maintenance program, we inspect buildings and units scheduled through our management system. This enables us to detect issues that tenants may not have noticed, or have not brought to our attention. Preventative maintenance helps build rapport with tenants, leads to faster turns, and most importantly allows us to address snowballing issues, such as water leaks before they become a larger, more expensive, problem. These inspections, with accompanying photographs, are available to owners upon request.


Trained Personnel

Our staff has years of experience in building maintenance and upkeep, along with certifications in HVAC and building hazards. We build on this experience with monthly training covering standard practices, advanced safety measures, and new skills and techniques. In addition, we have long-term relationships with specialty contractors to meet surges in work demand, and technical needs.

Matthew McPhail 
Maintenance Coordinator

We are happy to have Matthew as our maintenance coordinator at Rex Property & Land! He is resourceful in finding cost-effective approaches to repairs and diligent in tracking maintenance items to completion.

Your property deserves maintenance
best practices – call us today! 

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Property Management

Thinking of Renting Your Home?

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Have you considered renting your home instead of selling? We would love to help you make that decision. At Rex we do not just sell homes, we also manage rental properties for dozens of landlords, offering different service levels depending on your needs.

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Reasons to Rent Out Your Home

  • Extra income
  • Security if moving back into the area
  • Diversity in economic portfolio
  • Fluctuating value of Real Estate

Our Services

A La Carte Services

If you want to be more hands on with your property we can assist in a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Property evaluation to determine appropriate rental rates
  • Marketing for your rental property
  • Tenant screening and selection
  • Tenant move in
  • Rent collection
  • Legal support
  • Inspections
  • Financial accounting and Reporting
  • Maintenance, repairs and Remodles
  • Tenant move out and turnover

Full Service Property Management

We will take care of everything for you!  Our web-based management system will deliver your property’s reports immediately. Your profits will be automatically delivered each month, worry free!
If you are considering becoming a landlord contact us today!
(706) 722-4962