JB Whites & Downtown Loft Tour

JB Whites Downtown Loft Tour

JB Whites Open House

Would you like to see the interior of the only owner-occupied condominium project in the heart of downtown Augusta? The JB Whites Condominiums will be hosting an Open House Saturday, May 6th from 12 to 3 to coincide with the Augusta Downtown Loft tour! Refreshments will be provided.

Historic Augusta’s
Downtown Loft Tour

To find out more about Historic Augusta and what will be on their Downtown Loft Tour and purchase tickets to their events click on this link!

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Should you rent or buy?


What will you choose?

Choosing between buying and renting is always difficult. Below is some information that should be considered as you make your housing decisions.  Rex has the best leasing and real estate agents in Augusta, ready to help you no matter what you choose!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting and Buying:


Advantages of Renting:
  • Flexibility
  • Exposures to new areas
  • Moving is easier
  • No home maintenance
  • No yard maintenance
  • Some places come furnished
  • Utilities may be included
Disadvantages of Renting:
  • Lease agreement rules
  • No major changes can be made to the home without permission
  • No equity accumulated
  • No control on lease renewal or rent prices


Advantages of Buying:
  • Long-term equity accumulated
  • Home appreciation
  • Freedom to make improvements
  • May improve your credit profile
Disadvantages of Buying:
  • More financial responsibility
  • Property taxes
  • Increased insurance payments
  • Must do your own home maintenance
  • Money may be lost in resale
  • Less mobility
  • Must be furnished


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Building Security Critical in Redeveloping Historic Neighborhoods

What are some of the things that separate successful historic-preservation-based redevelopment efforts from projects that struggle?

Redevelopment efforts frequently take place in neighborhoods with real or perceived security and crime concerns.  Failure to address these concerns in the early stages of a project can mean money wasted as the project labors to attract tenants or buyers.

Property owners can be proactive in attracting residents that want the convenience and quality of life that comes with living in a stimulating downtown environment.  Enhancing security features can include the following –

Secure locks on entry buildings and apartment building entry doors.  Providing double cylinder deadbolts gives residents peace of mind.  Additional security can be found in latest technologically advanced locks such as those designed by  Kwikset and Schlage.

Another essential asset to historic downtown living is to include safe and reliable security fencing.  For the property and especially the parking lot, residents appreciate gated and well-lit parking and are willing to pay a premium for these features. 

Privacy fences that are high, well built out of wood, or wrought iron are especially attractive, but even one made out of vinyl coated chain link can work well in less visible locations.  Historic preservation rules may guide your fencing choices.  A gate with remote control openers allows for tenant-only parking.

After the sun sets, well-lit grounds, hallways, elevators, stairwells and garage lighting becomes very important for those coming home after dark.  Dusk-to-dawn sensor controlled lighting and motion sensor lighting help to ensure no dark corners exist in and around your property.  Wall packs fixtures on the side of buildings keep alleyways and driveways well-lit.

For piece of mind, some residents want their own security system installed in their apartment.  They can program the system themselves to add a layer of security whether they are home or not.  Also, residents appreciate a remote entry security system to identify and confirm their visitors.

And finally, to ensure a good neighbor, it helps to know who they are.  Property owners can provide background checks on all prospective residents so those in the building can feel safe knowing with whom they share common spaces and lobbies.

Rex Property and Land, LLC is a property management company that specializes in downtown and commercial properties and redevelopment of historic buildings and loft apartments.  For more information contact Paul King or visit Rex Group.