Love Where You Live: Downtown Augusta (Part 3)

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Other than walking, I’m pretty faithful about going to the Downtown Y. I go early in the mornings Monday through Friday and ride the stationary bicycles and play around with some of the weight machines.


We walk everywhere. That’s one of the many things we like about living downtown. When we walk, we’re usually going to a restaurant, club or event, though sometimes we’ll stroll over to the Riverwalk to catch the river view or to Greene Street to look at the historical markers and monuments. Oh, and we usually start at our front door. We love walking the new canal trails, too.

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We have been known to sneak down to the boathouse to sit on the dock and watch the sun go down. Sometimes, we’ll even picnic on Maryland Fried Chicken. Love their pulley bones!

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Augusta is a great town with some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. It has everything (outstanding restaurants, hopping night life, great music venues, world class sporting events, and a lively and varied arts scene) without the traffic and other negatives of bigger cities. Of course, if you want to escape to Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, the mountains, or the beach, it’s a short, two and a half hour drive away.

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